Michael C. Wenberg


The new YA novel from Michael Wenberg and WestSide Books.

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Over the years, fourteen-year-old Jace Adams has lost track of how many different cities he’s called home. So when his mom decides to move to Seattle, he figures it is just a matter of time before she’s ready to move again. He’ll just need to keep under the radar until that happens. It won’t be easy. First off, he plays a musical instrument most people think is dorky—the cello. And then just because he’s African-American everyone thinks he should be into basketball or football—he’s not. He loves to surf. His first day at school goes from bad to worse when three football jocks decide to teach him a lesson, his orchestra music teacher thinks he’d be better off in a shop class, and then he runs afoul of a girl who absolutely seems to hate him. And she’s even kind of cute. But life often gets in the way of the best plans. Jace eventually realizes that talent isn’t something to hide or be ashamed of, and discovers that he has “family” in some of the most unexpected places.

Praise for Stringz

Between “It is what it is” and “It doesn’t have to be this way” there’s a whole lot for Jace Adams to figure out. There are bad guys to avoid and good guys to learn how to trust and a whole lot of baggage to sort through. But then there’s always the music to keep a kid going. What a feel-good read. Bravo, Jace! Bravo, Wenberg!
—Tim Wynne-Jones, author of Rex Zero, The Great Pretender

“Jace Adams is a hero for this time, a surfer, cellist, survivor who figures out that ‘It is what it is’.”
—Robert Lipsyte, author of The Contender, and Center Field, former NY Times columnist, host of the PBS series, Life (Part 2)

“An inspiring and emotional story that teens will especially devour.”
—Mark Summer, Turtle Island String Quartet

Stringz touched me very deeply.”
—Greg Sandow, composer, ArtsJournal columnist, music critic